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A warm welcome to Diddy Dogs Lodge! Luxury Home Boarding & Daycare Exclusive to small Dogs Only.

Here at Diddy Dogs Lodge we have a lifelong passion and a love of small dogs, we offer an Exclusive Home Boarding and Day Care service for small dogs in our homely setting.

We guarantee your dog will have a fun time being pampered and cared for in a safe and fun environment with similar sized doggy friends. We have over 30 years of experience owning and caring for small dogs and grew up amongst a family of dog lovers.

We are now the very privileged owners of Heidi, our mischievous Cavapoo and our amazing little rescue dog, Ella from Ireland, they both excitably welcome all of our doggy guests to stay and play.

Heidi was our inspiration behind creating ‘Diddy Dogs Lodge’… we welcomed Heidi into our lives as a tiny puppy, vulnerable but so very precious. Heidi had previously been born in a damp and dirty outdoor shed in the cold month of April, with only her siblings for warmth. When Heidi was still only a young pup planning a holiday seemed like a nightmare as we needed to find a safe place for her to stay!….

However throughout our search we discovered that ‘Traditional boarding kennels’ did not cater for small dogs or indeed puppies that needed a nurtured homely environment with lots of human contact and the larger breeds overwhelmed the smaller dogs somewhat.

In identifying this gap in ‘small dog services’ and combining our love and passion for small dogs, we set out to create the perfect place for all small dogs to stay and …’DIDDY DOGS LODGE’ was born!!

PawOur Services

Luxury Home Boarding

A bespoke service unique to your Diddy Dog’s specific personality. Your dog will stay in our home as one of the family and have the freedom to relax and enjoy our fully enclosed garden. Enjoy the company of only small doggy friends with similar energy levels. On your visit to us prior to booking, we will assess your dogs needs and personality and offer a personalised boarding experience tailored to your dogs individual requirements. We are close to lovely beaches and beautiful countryside where your dog will get to enjoy long walks with other small doggy friends. We will send you regular updates and pictures on social media so you can enjoy your holiday, knowing your pooch is enjoying theirs.

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We offer a unique Day Care experience for your precious little friend, tailored to your dogs individual needs & personality. Your dog will be exercised, loved and entertained throughout the day, having free run of our home and secure garden. Socialising with doggy friends of similar size, plenty of toys, treats and stimulating activities are encouraged throughout the day. We also have a sand pit and paddling pool to enjoy in the summer months.

We want your Diddy dog to feel at home with us and we will do our best to achieve that. It’s also important for you to feel confident and reassured that your dog will be in safe hands therefore your dog will wear our Diddy Dogs ID collar & bandanna- we will send you picture updates throughout the day should you request this.

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