Diddy Dogs Lodge provides an exceptional high standard of luxury day-care and boarding holidays for small dogs in Fareham. But did you know we are licensed and achieved a five star rating to provide this care?

Here’s an insight into what’s involved in achieving a 5 star license 

Did you know its actually illegal to provide daycare and Boarding without a license?

It’s not only dog kennels and commercial doggy daycares who need a license to provide care for dogs when their owners need a helping hand. A home from home boarding and daycare establishment is legally required to obtain a license from their local authority to provide care for dogs away from their own homes.

What does a home boarding or daycare business have to do to obtain a license?

There is an incredibly robust and thorough process that all licensed boarding and daycare providers must go through before they can provide care for your dog.

The safety, suitability, and security of the premises are assessed, taking into account things such as fencing, the layout of the property, and any potential hazards.

The licensing officer also assesses hygiene, cleanliness, transportation of the dogs, exercise, numbers of dogs, and the physical and mental health and well-being of all dogs cared for.


Higher standards are optional

Here at Diddy Dogs Lodge, we are passionate about providing the best care for your dogs and take our responsibility for ensuring maximum happiness and contentment for all of our guests very seriously.

We pull out all the stops for our little dogs, hence we have achieved no less than 100% in our License inspection. Diddy Dogs Lodge is rated a 5 Star pet business by Fareham Borough Council, achieving the highest level in animal welfare when inspected in February 2019.

Not all licensed establishments operate under the same strict measures as Diddy Dogs Lodge.

  To achieve this higher rating we…

  • Provide the dogs we care for with choice, this means that they can remove themselves from the hustle and bustle should they wish to and have the freedom to choose whether they would like to rest or play, be with others or be alone
  • Never leave dogs in our care unattended
  • There are two barriers to the entry/exit gate to prevent escape from our outside space
  • Exercise for each dog is appropriate to dogs age, breed, health and owners consent
  • Surrounding the outside space is a combination of double mesh and 6 foot wooden perimeter fencing
  • 24 hour CCTV cameras are installed for complete security and peace of mind

How many dogs can be cared for at once?

When assessed for a dog boarding and daycare license, the inspecting welfare officer considers the premises, facilities and procedures in emergencies before arriving at a maximum number of dogs an establishment may cater for at any given time.

The officer will decide on a ratio of carer to the number of dogs, ensuring that all dogs’ welfare and safety needs are paramount.

For example; all licensed daycare and home boarders must be able to physically separate and isolate all dogs within the premises in their own safe and secure space, should a situation arise where this is necessary.

Qualifications and Experience 

The experience and knowledge of the dogs carer is very important and forms part of the assesment at Inspection.The carers must show the appropriate qualifications and have relevant experience to care for dogs

Diddy Dogs Lodge has qualifications in canine First Aid, canine psychology, and behaviour, along with 30 years of experience caring for small breeds.

The carer must know what is ‘normal dog behaviour’ and be able to recognise any signs of pain, stress, injury, suffering, or disease and know how to respond accordingly.

Diddy Dogs Lodge is registered with Animed Veterinary Centre for all of our dog guests health and welfare needs.

The carer must understand the “Five Freedoms” that legally must be met for all animals

  1. Freedom from hunger and thirst
  2. Freedom from discomfort
  3. Freedom from pain, injury or disease
  4. Freedom to express normal behaviour
  5. Freedom from fear and distress

Assessed on Cleanliness, hygiene and disease control

Ensuring the physical safety and health of all of the dogs in our care is incredibly important. When mixing dogs from numerous households, it is imperative that there are stringent hygiene and cleaning protocols in place and risk assessment and management for disease control.This forms part of the licensing inspection, alongside record-keeping, vaccinations of all dogs and emergency protocols.

How do you tell if an establishment is licensed?

It is a requirement that all doggy daycares and boarding facilities display their license on the premises and lists their license name and number on their website.

To be absolutely certain that this is current and valid, we recommend checking with the local council to confirm the company is licensed.

Individuals who care for dogs in their homes without a license could face a fine of up to £500 and could be sentenced to up to 3 months in prison.


The absolute best care for your dog guaranteed!

It is never an easy decision to entrust your dog into somebody else’s care. That’s why Diddy Dogs Lodge is incredibly proud to be able to share with you, what it means to be a five-star licensed daycare and holiday home for your little dogs.

We hope that knowing just how much thought, love, care, and attention is given to how we care for your ‘Diddy Dogs’ makes your choice that bit easier.

If you’d like to find out more about our daycare or holiday services please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

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