Easing puppies out of lockdown: how puppy day-care can help

In March 2020, with millions of people finding themselves at home more, many of us took the opportunity to welcome a puppy into our home. A year later, and with the end of the pandemic in sight, what do we need to do to ease our puppies out of lockdown while we go back to the office? Let’s have a look at the option, with all its advantages, of puppy day-care.

What are the benefits of day-care for our puppy?

  • Socialisation
  • Relieve separation anxiety
  • Safe environment
  • Owner’s peace of mind.


Why do puppies need socialisation with other puppies and dogs?

  • Socialisation is vital for puppies: a puppy’s experiences, throughout the first year of their life, influence and shape their behaviour into adulthood. Lockdown may have had an impact on how much your puppy has been able to socialise. A well-socialised puppy is far more likely to grow up to be a calm dog, who responds well to new experiences and becomes a well-rounded family dog. Puppy day-care is something that can help with this, coming out of lockdown.
  • Having positive experiences are the building blocks to having a confident pet who knows how to interact with other dogs. Your puppy will need to know how to interact with others and learn how to communicate effectively.
  • Puppy day-care will expose your puppy to other puppies in different situations and environments. The setting offers plenty of different socialisation options, including new people, new dogs, and new sights, smells and sounds.

How can puppy club alleviate separation anxiety?

  • We have been able to spend plenty of time with our new puppies, but now we may have to consider the effects on our dogs and puppies when we go back to work outside of our homes. A change of routine can be difficult and separation anxiety can become a significant problem.
  • A puppy or dog with separation anxiety may spend their day howling, licking excessively or chewing, and often not the toy left for them, but furniture or soft furnishings. Puppy club will allow you to leave your puppy without them becoming lonely.
  • If you are unable to afford daily care, then sending them for just one day a week can be enough to make a significant difference to their behaviour and ability to socialise with others. Maybe schedule that day to be the day you work the longest working day.


Puppy Club – a safe environment

  • A well-run puppy club will have a safe and homely environment.
  • Different day-care providers will offer specialist facilities for age, size and breed, often with a care plan designed to suit the individual dogs.
  • To keep your puppy entertained, they will have a plethora of puppy appropriate activities, such as ball pools, activity tunnels, enrichment toys, chew and tug toys and even paddling pools and sand pits in the warmer months.
  • Although puppies need stimulation and entertainment, they also need the freedom to choose when they need to stop and rest. A good puppy day-care provider will make sure there is a safe space for some down time.


Puppy day-care: peace of mind for puppy parents

  • You will be safe in the knowledge that puppies in day-care are up to date with vaccinations and boosters, be microchipped and show evidence of up-to-date flea and worming treatments.
  • Regular photos and updates will also alleviate your own anxiety at leaving your puppy.

Keeping your dog happy and safe after lockdown

It is always a good idea to visit your chosen puppy day-care facility to get to know, and feel comfortable with, the environment you are entrusting your puppy to. This will help both you and your puppy to relax.

Day-care providers sometimes offer boarding facilities for longer periods of time: you could leave your dog with them when you are on holiday, or have to stay in hospital, safe in the knowledge they are in a familiar environment.

Always make sure that whoever is taking care of your dog has insurance, including public liability.

To find out more about the services Diddy Dogs Lodge puppy club could offer you and your puppy, contact us today.

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