Important Information
Is Diddy Dogs Lodge a reputable Pet Business?
  • Diddy Dogs Lodge has been Awarded the highest standard 5 Star license from Fareham Borough Council
  • We are fully insured with Pet Business Insurance
  • Diddy Dogs Lodge is a Private Limited Company ( Registered Number 1815429)
  • We have great Reviews on our website, Google, Dotty 4 paws,, and over 60 reviews on our Face book page.
  • Diddy Dogs Lodge Limited is an established Professional Pet business for over 6 years
  • Diddy Dogs Lodge Limited was founded and created by Mrs Jill Loomes in 2014
Do you accept puppies?
  • Yes we do accept puppies. We have a Puppy Club for pups from 4 months old upwards
  • All puppy’s are required to be vaccinated, microchipped and show evidence of regular worming and flea treatments
  • A free settling in morning is available on request
Do you book dogs in for boarding without meeting our dog first?
  • No-we will only offer our holiday services following a booked visit to assess dogs suitability.
  • All boarding dogs are expected to book at least 4 Settling In Days (S.I.D.) prior to booking a holiday with us.
  • If your dog/puppy attends our daycare or puppy club you will get ‘Priority Privileged Access to our holiday services. (P.P.A) which means your dog will get access to all available dates first.
  • All new dogs are only accepted following a ‘Trial Day’ and if your wanting to book boarding holidays must book a ‘Trial Night’ before a booking is accepted for a longer period, this helps settle dog’s in better with less stress and to become accustomed to new surroundings.
What happens if my dog is unwell?
  • If your dog appears unwell, we will contact you if possible or your emergency nominated person
  • We will take your dog to your own vets, if this is not possible or practical for any reason, we will take your dog to our registered vets.
  • Diddy Dogs Lodge Limited is registered with Animed Veterinary Clinic in Shedfield
  • Any vet costs incurred will be the owners full responsibility on dogs collection
Which dogs are not accepted?
  • We don’t accept entire males unless a puppy under 1 year old
  • We don’t accept large breed dogs or large breed pups
  •  We don’t accept aggressive dogs or persistent barkers
  • we don’t accept adult dogs that aren’t toilet trained
  • We don’t accept dogs (pups) with severe separation anxiety.
What qualifications and experience do you have?
  • Diddy Dogs Lodge Limited is an Established Pet Business since 2014
  •  Awarded a 5 Star Animal Boarding License attained all of the Highest welfare Standards set.
  • Trained in Canine First Aid
  • Canine Psychology.
  • Canine Nutrition.
  • Canine Behaviour
  • 20 yrs owning/caring for small dogs
  • Previously a children’s cardiac nurse
We have been fortunate to find Jill to care for our puppy. Kaia has so much fun at daycare with her friends-Jill always sends lovely photos and updates, which is so very reassuring whilst at work
Donna & Kaia