Everything you need to know
Are you Licensed, Registered and Insured ?
  • We are Fully Insured with Pet Business Insurance.
  • We are a Licensed Business with the local Council
  • Diddy Dogs Lodge Limited a Privately Limited Company– Registration Number:11815429
  • Diddy Dogs Lodge Limited holds the sole rights to use of our business name & Logo with it trade marked protected 2019  TM
Do you accept ALL dogs to register?
  • We DO NOT accept large dogs (e.g. bigger than a spaniel)
  • We cannot accept entire males over 7 months old, and females in season.
  •  Aggressive dogs,any seperation anxiety or barkers will not be accepted.
  • All dogs to be fully toilet trained.
  • We cannot accept any dogs if not up to date with vaccinations, flea and worming treatments.
what shall I bring for my dogs Holiday or Daycare?
  • You will be expected to bring your dogs normal food, enough for the duration of your dogs stay if boarding and a little extra should you be delayed.
  • To bring dogs bed/ crate/blanket, Lead and poop bags.
Do you accept puppies?
  • Yes – we do accept puppies but they must be 7 months or over, fully toilet trained, vaccinated and evidence of regular worming and flea treatments. A settling in morning is available
What happens if my dog becomes unwell ?
  • We will take your dog to your own vets, if this is not possible or practical for any reason, we will take your dog to our local vets.Diddy Dogs Lodge is Registered at Animed Gosport.
  • Any vet costs incurred will be the owners full responsibility.
  • I am Canine first aid trained
What happens after my initial contact with Diddy Dogs Lodge ?
  • A visit is essential prior to registering for any service to assess suitability
  •  registration/booking form completed on visit showing vaccinations and dogs chip number.
  • A deposit is required to secure your requested booking dates, to be paid within 3 days of our meeting, final balance payment to be paid 3 days prior to boarding.
  • A trial session 1/2 hours can be booked at time of booking this helps your dog settle becoming familiar with our home.
My Qualifications and Experience...
  • Certificate Canine First Aid and C.P.R.
  • Certificate Canine Psychology.
  • Certificate Canine Nutrition.
  • Currently studying Canine Behaviour & Instructors course.
  • My passion is helping re -home rescue dogs, Volunteering  for Many Tears Animal Rescue.
  • Ive  completed the ‘Home check’ course and vet home checks for the rescue centre
Jill has always been reliable, friendly and a provider of an excellent service. Maverick always comes home with a big grin on his face and tired from the weekends antics. Jill makes you feel at ease when meeting her and has an extensive knowledge on dealing with different small breeds. I could not recommend her enough!
Jim & Maverick
Diddy Dogs Lodge, Dog Walking Gosport Licensed by Gosport Borough Council
Diddy Dogs Lodge Insured by Pet Business Insurance
Diddy Dogs Lodge, Dog Walking Gosport Canine First Aid Trained