Important Information
Is Diddy Dogs Lodge a reputable Pet Business?
  • Diddy Dogs Lodge has been Awarded the highest standard 5 Star license
  • We are fully insured with Pet Business Insurance
  • We are Licensed with Fareham Council
  • Diddy Dogs Lodge is a Private Company
  • Companies House Registered Number 1815429
  • We have great Reviews on our website, Google, Dotty 4 paws, The good dog guide, Find pet boarding, and over 50 Reviews on our FaceBook business Page
  • Diddy Dogs Lodge Limited is an established Professional Pet business for over 6 years
  • Diddy Dogs Lodge Limited was founded and created by Mrs Jill Loomes in 2014
What happens following my initial contact?
  • A welcome visit is essential and is arranged prior to registering for any of our services, to discuss your requirements and dogs suitability
  •  Online Registration form is sent following your welcome visit
  • A deposit is required to secure your requested booking dates
  • A settling in day is recommended following the initial visit and registration, this will help your dog settle in.
what shall I bring?
  • Dogs food -and favorite treats, we have freezer storage too if required for a raw diet
  • To bring dogs bed or crate (only if habituated to the crate) and a blanket from home, which helps your dog settle in
  • Coat or jumper if required for in the winter months.
Do you accept puppies?
  • Yes we do accept puppies but they must be at least 3-4 months old
  • All puppys to be vaccinated and evidence of regular worming and flea treatments given
  • A free settling in morning is available, also a short day-care session often help pups settle
What happens if my dog is unwell?
  • If your dog seems unwell, we will contact you if possible or your emergency nominated person in the first instance
  • We will take your dog to your own vets, if this is not possible or practical for any reason, we will take your dog to our local vets.
  • Diddy Dogs Lodge Limited is registered with Animed Veterinary Clinic in Shedfield
  • Any vet costs incurred will be the owners full responsibility on dogs collection
What Dogs are not accepted?
  • We cannot accept entire males unless a puppy under 1 year old
  • We dont accept large breed dogs or pups
  •  We wont accept aggressive dogs, unsociable behaviour,seperation anxiety or persistant barkers
  • All dogs are to be fully toilet trained
What qualifications and experience do you have?
  • Diddy Dogs Lodge is an Established Pet Business since 2014
  •  Awarded a 5 Star Animal Boarding License at the Highest Standards
  • Trained in Canine First Aid and C.P.R.
  • Canine Psychology.
  • Canine Nutrition.
  • Currently studying Canine Behaviour
  • Volunteer at Many Tears Animal Rescue.
  • 30 yrs owning and caring for small dogs
  • Previously a childrens cardiac nurse
We have been so fortunate to find Jill to care for our mini Daxi puppy. She has so much fun at daycare with the other dogs! Jill always sends us lovely photos and updates, which is so very reassuring when we are at work.Thanks again Jill
Donna & Kaia
Diddy Dogs Lodge has been Awarded a 5 Star Licence