Great Reviews!
Jill has been absolutely fantastic with our little one. She has taken so much time and care into helping our nervous Winnie become more confident everyday at daycare. Jill treats every dog as if they are her own so you can be rest assured your diddy is in great hands! Diddy Dogs is much more than just a 'daycare' for us and every day is as exciting as the first.
Taylor and Winnie
We are so grateful for Jill at Diddy Dogs Lodge puppy club. Binky, our lockdown chihuahua was such a scared puppy before joining. She has been attending over 6 months now and has become so confident as a result and loves nothing more than spending the day playing with her friends at puppy club. We would highly recommend Diddy Dogs Lodge to everyone who needs Daycare for their puppy. Thanks so much Jill. Heidi and Ella.
Annie and Binky
We are so delighted to have found Jill and her wonderful Diddy Dogs Lodge. Jill is so personable and genuinely cares about the welfare and happiness of the dogs she cares for. Our two pups have been going to Diddy Dogs for the last two months now. They are quite different in nature and Jill has been wonderful at making sure our adventurous girl has loads of interactive games and that she can offer our little boy lots of cuddles. Jill has been really professional, flexible and caring throughout and we are so pleased to have found a day care option where our pups can have fun and socialise, with the security of knowing that they will not be injured by bouncy larger dogs. Jill is great at thinking outside the box on rainy days to ensure all pups are entertained. Jill is also very flexible and has accommodated some last minute requests for us with much understanding. Our pups love coming to Daycare, their tails wag with excitement as they approach Diddy Dogs, they cant wait to catch up with their friends and Jill and always return home happy and restful.
Andrea, Chip & Roo
We feel so lucky to have found Diddy Dogs.Jill looks after our rescue pup amazingly. She is trained in canine psychology so really gets dogs, their behaviours and how to make them feel safe and confident. Ive had to make last minute changes a few times and Mrs D. is so accomodating. We love getting daily pics of what McCoys beenn up to, and he always comes back delightfully shattered. Ihave genuinely asked if i can come to stay. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou jill.
Natalie and McCoy
Jill has always been reliable, friendly and a provider of an excellent service. Maverick always comes home with a big grin on his face and tired from the weekends antics. Jill makes you feel at ease when meeting her and has an extensive knowledge on dealing with different small breeds. I could not recommend her enough!
Jim and Maverick
We would definitely recommend Jill at Diddy Dogs Lodge to everyone we know. Honey our precious little Pug loved her stay here and whilst we were away Jill sent us daily updates pictures and videos of Honey. Your dog will certainly be loved and looked after very well by Jill.
Thitkan and Honey
We have been so fortunate to find Jill at Diddy Dogs Lodge for our mini Daxy Kaia. She has so much fun at Daycare with the other Diddy dogs! Jill sends lovely photos and updates each day, which is very reassuring when we are at work. Kaia is very excited about going and we love the fact she is so well cared for, happy and content.
Donna and kaia
I was so pleased to find Diddy Dogs Lodge! Having searched for hours and found numerous ‘regular’ dog day-care's I was at a loss as to what to do for our little chihuahua. He is a sensitive boy and being amongst other big dogs would have really unsettled him so when i found Diddy’s i was so relieved! Jill is absolutely brilliant and takes such care of each individual little doggy. She listens and understands all there little quirks and put my mind at ease instantly that our boy would be well looked after and cared for as well as have tremendous fun and help to build his confidence. He’s just back from his first full day today -i was so pleased to hear how he was getting on during the day as I was sent lots of pictures and videos to see his progress! I cannot thank Jill enough and will continue to recommend her. Our little guy is due to stay for a luxury holiday later this year which is initially why i searched for somewhere but now having found Diddy Dogs he will be going to Puppy Club to help settle him and help him make friends! It means so much that Jill herself also suggested this as it shows just how much she cares about the dogs happiness and comfort. I look forward to watching his progress and watching him become a more confident pup each time he visits! He loves cuddles too which i know he gets off Jill. The setting for the dogs is beautiful and five stars isn’t enough. One very happy pooch and happy dog mum.
Claire and Ziggy
I first met Jill few months ago and following a trial day for my nervous Dachund I knew id found the right place for my boy Hendrix. He arrived a very nervous dog due to a previous bad experience at another Daycare centre. After a couple of months he's become much more confident. It's clear to see Jill runs an excellent day-care and holiday service as the safety, care and attention dogs receive are exceptional, not to mention the booking system and communication is extremely easy to deal with. Thankyou again Jill
Mark and Hendrix
Diddy Dogs Lodge has been a really positive experience for both Ruby and myself. Initially Ruby was an anxious and timid puppy, but over time with Jill's patience and caring manner, Ruby has become so much more confident. As soon as we turn the corner into Diddy Dogs Road, Ruby is barking and jumping up to get to the entrance gate and cant wait to go in to see her diddy friends. She is now happily playing and appears content. I can now have a day working at home without worrying about Ruby. Thank-you Jill for providing this super sanctuary for Diddy Dogs!
Kathy and Ruby
Peggy thoroughly enjoyed her third holiday at diddy dogs lodge last week. She literally ran in through the gate and started playing on arrival. Peggy goes to Day-care weekly so knows all the diddy dogs which helps enormously and she loves Jill and Mr diddy. It is such a relief to have found this wonderful place, knowing Peggy is happy, cared for and loved. I have another holiday booked soon and can honestly say I'm so looking forward to it and I know I always say it but I don't know what id do without you Jill and Diddy Dogs Lodge!
Debbie and Peggy
Diddy Dogs Lodge is such a lovely doggy day-care I couldn't ask for anything more. Cindy-Lou has learnt so much from Jill. She gets so excited when she knows she's going to diddy dogs and comes home shattered from all the fun she's had. Jill is amazing too she loves all the dogs like her own and sends the cutest pupdates throughout the day, which is just the best. It really puts my mind at ease knowing Cindy-Lou is in great hands whilst I'm at work. Thank-you Jill.
Kate and Cindy-Lou
This has to be one of the best if not the best holiday hot spots for tiny pooches, Jill did a fantastic job seeing you all our chihuahua needs while we were away and Ella & Heidi did a fantastic job at keeping the two of them entertained for the two weeks. The whole experience was fantastic not only for us humans but our 4 legged children too. I highly recommend Diddy dogs lodge to anyone looking for the best in care for your little ones while away. I know if I were a little dog this is the place I would want to go for my holidays. Thank you Jill, Heidi & Ella ❤️
Frank, Chica & Bylah