We are so very proud to share our news that on Friday 8th February 2019 Diddy Dogs Lodge became a Private Limited Company. We are now registered at Companies House and our business name is “Diddy Dogs Lodge Limited” The Director  Mrs Jill Loomes Private Company Number : 11815429


The ten advantages of running a business as a Limited company.

  1. Paying less tax  is one of the biggest advantages
  2. Distinct Entity, a limited company is a seperate entity to its owners
  3. Limited Liability, reassurance and added protection from fraud
  4. Professional, provides a more secure and professional image
  5. Funding, securing business finance is an advantage
  6. Naming, once registered with Companies House, your company name is protected by law
  7. Shareholders, able to issue various classes of shares
  8. Costs, the cost of setting up a Limited Company really is minimal
  9. Pensions, can fund its employees executive pensions as a legitimate business expense
  10. Succession, If the shareholder wants to retire, sell his shareholding, or dies, it is far easier to transfer ownership of a Limited Company
Diddy Dogs Lodge has been Awarded a 5 Star Licence