We are very proud to share our news that on Friday 8th February 2019 Diddy Dogs Lodge became a Private Limited Company. We are now registered at Companies House, our business name is “Diddy Dogs Lodge Limited” Managing Director¬† Mrs Jill Loomes Private Company Number : 11815429


The advantages of running a business as a Limited company.

  1. When you register your business with Companies House, you also Trademark your business name so no other businesses can use it. This ensures your business stays unique and individual and is found easily online.
  2. A trustworthy, reliable company and accountable
  3. As a Private Limited Company (PLC) you will be are tax efficient, therefore can offer a more reliable service at a reasonable rate
  4. Helps portray a Professional image and enhances your reputation, as (PLC) are much more closely monitored than self employed pet businesses
  5. Funding and securing business finance is an advantage
  6. Naming, once registered with Companies House, your company name is protected by law
  7. Costs, the cost of setting up a Limited Company really is minimal
  8. Pensions, can fund its employees executive pensions as a legitimate business expense